What is a Group Break?

 Is the splitting of a box, boxes or a case of cards between multiple participants.  The volume of “spots” in a Group Break is often reflective of how many teams are in that particular sport Eg. NBA – 30 spots (30 Teams), NRL – 16 spots, NFL 32 spots etc.  These spots usually end up representing a team and any “hits” that come out of the product during the break from your team will be yours.

A “hit” is any card that is considered an insert, ie not a base card.
During a Group Break, any card that is considered a hit will be held up to the camera for a close-up.

There are a number of different methods that can be used to determine how teams are assigned to Group Break participants.  These details will always be listed in the specific Group Break description but here is a summary:

Random Team Breaks
Once your Group Break has filled, the list of participants and teams will be randomised using the dice roller (using random.org) to determine which team you will receive in the break.  This randomisation draw will be recorded with time stamps in frame. During the break, any hits that come out of the boxes for the team that was assigned to you are yours.

Participants are welcome to swap teams amongst each other after the randomisation occurs. However, you will need to notify us by email, direct message or via the chat log before the group break starts.

All team randomisations and trading is done on our Facebook Group Page 

Pick Your Team Breaks
Each spot in the break has already been assigned with the team, so you know exactly which team you are going to receive. Teams are purchased on a first come, first serve basis.  Each team’s price could vary depending on the potential hits of the team in that product.

Draft Style Team Breaks
The list of participants will be randomised by rolling the dice (using random.org) to determine the order of the draft. Once this order is decided, participants will take turns to select which team they would like. The participants turn is based on the draft order.

Draft Style Hit Breaks
The same as the Draft Style Team Breaks except once the draft order is determined, the Group Break takes place. All hits from the break are listed and participants can choose which hit they are taking based on the draft order.  If the volume of hits exceeds the volume of participants, once every person has selected a card the draft order is reversed. This continues until no hits remain.

Recording Process
Once a Group Break has filled, a time will be assigned for the Break to take place. All Group Breaks will be streamed live on our Facebook page. All streams will be available to watch on the Breaking Mad facebook account. This way, if you can’t make it to the live viewing you can still watch the recording at a later time at your own convenience.

Postage Process
The cost of the spot in a Group Break already covers regular postage for your cards to be sent out to you, including the bubble mailer, plastic sleeves and top loaders where needed. 

Additional Rules for Assigning Hits to Teams
In most cases, hits are straightforward when being assigned to a team.  Occasionally, there are exceptions.

First and foremost, a hit will be awarded to the team being referred to on the card. If multiple teams are being represented on the card for a player and the card clearly doesn’t state ONE current team, the card will be assigned to the team that the player most recently played for. If multiple players appear on the card, random.org will be used to randomise the participants (3 times) that have their team represented on the card. If the team represented on the card has changed its name or relocated to a new city, the hit will follow the same team’s path eg. Fitzroy Lions goes to Brisbane Lions, Seattle Supersonics goes to Oklahoma City Thunder etc. If the team no longer exists in the league as it stands now eg. Newtown Jets, random.org will be used to randomise ALL participants in the Group Break to determine which team it will be assigned too. If a player is representing a Rep Side on the card eg. Socceroos, Origin etc, please see the details in the specific Group Break description (as this will depend on the product being opened).