2023 UFC Prizm Undercard Box

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2023 UFC Prizm Hobby Box

  • 9 cards per pack.
  • 10 packs per box.

Look for 1 autograph, 18 inserts/parallels, and 1 base variation per box on average.

Prizm returns with another opening bout for the 2023 season! Look for 1 Autograph, 18 Inserts/Parallels and 1 Base Variation per box, on average in the all-new Under Card SKU! Find under card exclusive Prizm parallels!

New in 2023 - Chase Throwback Signatures that feature the top UFC fighters of yesterday and today on the iconic 2012 Prizm design!

Look for all-new Base Variations that showcase some of UFC’s best and brightest fighters!

Look for hobby exclusive Prizm parallels numbered to as low as One of One! Find an abundance of unique inserts that feature the best and brightest UFC has to offer! Find a variety of stellar autographs, as well as unique Base Variations that feature some of the UFC’s top stars!

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2023 Panini Prizm Under Card UFC Checklist

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