UFC Chronicles 2022 Hobby

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Chase down a cornucopia of unique brands in Chronicles UFC! Look for 2 autographs per box, on average!

Pull various base and parallel cards from more than 20 brands across the Panini portfolio! New in 2022 - Look for Base One and Base Phoenix cards!

Find hobby-exclusive autographed memorabilia cards in Tools of the trade Signatures, Silhouettes and National Treasures Memorabilia Autographs!

Look for hobby-exclusive Base Gala Rookies sequentially numbered to 8 copies each!

Pay homage to UFC’s international roster with National Pride Signatures!

BASE PHOENIX, BASE NOIR, and BASE GALA ROOKIES: Look for an array of unique base and parallels from across more than 20 brands! Chase Hobby-exclusive Base Gala Rookies!

BASE RECON (HOBBY EXCLUSIVE), BASE LEGACY (HOBBY EXCLUSIVE), and BASE FLUX (HOBBY EXCLUSIVE): Look for stunning parallels sequentially numbered as low as one of one!

SILHOUETTES (HOBBY EXCLUSIVE): Look for oversized autographed memorabilia cards that feature the best and brightest fighters in UFC!

CONTENDERS OPTIC ROOKIE SEASON TICKET (HOBBY EXCLUSIVE): Chase rookie autographs from the iconic Contenders and Contenders Optic brands!

PHOENIX AUTOGRAPHS (HOBBY EXCLUSIVE): New in 2022 - look for Base Phoenix and Phoenix Autograph cards!