October's Roof is on Fire MEGA Break - Random Team Break (BM#071 9th October)

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BM#070 October's "Bring the Fire" MEGA Break
Scheduled for 7.30pm-8:00pm Friday 9th October

What is on the Menu?


  • 1 x 19/20 Optic Contender Hobby (6 Cards)
  • 1 x 19/20 Illusions Mega Box (60 Cards)
  • 1 x 19/20 Chronicles Mega Box (100 Cards)
  • 1 x 19/20 Mosaic Cello (15 Cards) 
  • 1 x 19/20 Contenders Fat Pack (22 Cards)
  • 1 x 19/20 Illusions Fat Pack (12 Cards)
  • 1 x 19/20 Chronicles Fat Pack (15 Cards)
  • 1 x 18/19 Threads Hanger (20 Cards)
  • 1 x 17/18 Crown Royal Hobby (12 Cards)
  • 1 x 17/18 Prestige Blaster (40 Cards)
  • 1 x 17/18 Essentials Hanger (25 Cards)
  • 1 x 16/17 Excalibur Hobby (160)
  • 1 x 14/15 Court Kings Retail (15 Cards)



Halftime Trivia!

Funk Pop Giveaway


 *Break Price Includes ALL CARDS being shipped in New Zealand via NZ Couriers Track & Trace.

*Overseas Members we ship at Your cost. We are happy to arrange the shipping on your behalf and provide quotes. We are happy to "Vault" cards from Multiple Breaks to reduce your Shipping Costs, Any questions regarding International Shipping please email us at info@breakingmadcollectables.co.nz

Participants purchase their spot(s) via the web-site check-out system.
Prior to the group break, the list of teams are randomized using random.org and matched to the participant list.
The participant and team lists are posted in our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CardKings
to trade teams prior to the break.
The boxes are opened live and all cards will go to their respective teams.
Breaks can be viewed on either;

Further information on group breaks can be found here:
Purchase includes;All cards ship.
Top loaders and team bags for all hits. (one-touches are available at additional cost)
Regular postage within New Zealand. Other countries will charged an additional fee. (Tracking and/or insurance extra)
Additional group break rules;Cards representing multiple teams will be randomized between all teams represented. No majority rules.
Each card belongs to the team as identified on the official manufacturer's checklist.
Panini 'Rewards Points' will be randomized between ALL participants.